Photograph Shows Police Coordinating With Weapons Brandishing Leftist Paramilitaries

25 Sep

La policía de Quíos charlando amigablemente con los antifas armados previamente al ataque contra la sede de Amanecer Dorado en esa ciudad.

xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english

Photos taken from the offices of the Golden Dawn in Chios are the smoking gun regarding the collaboration between Left-wing paramilitaries unleashing indiscriminate violence on the streets and the Greek state openly enabling them. The position of our movement regarding this violent political witch hunt is now being realized by the majority of the Greek people: the attacks in recent days on regional offices of Golden Dawn and individual Greek citizens are not only tolerated by the police, but officially coordinated by them!

In the photo we publish one can see murderous Leftist gangs, wearing helmets, hoods, and of course brandishing their “democratic” baseball bats.   It’s a familiar image of course to average Greeks who are witnessing these thugs attacking people, as well as political crooks and for-pay journalistic lackeys who seek in every way to violently silence the dissenting political views and popularity of Golden Dawn.  The most…

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